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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Advent Calendars

I made 3 of these before Christmas,
though I only have photos of 2 of them.
I had such great fun making them and decorating
them and I think the recipients had fun opening
a drawer every day. For my crafting friend, 
instead of chocolates, I put different craft items
in each drawer :), so here are the photos.


  1. Wowzer Caro this is gorgeously stunning my lovely xx

  2. wow these are cool bet it took some doing though emma xx

  3. WOW these are fab, were they hard to do? Love the blue one x

  4. I want a blue one :D Love this . Such a great idea and a lifetime gift
    Loves you x

  5. Wow! these are fabby! really cool idea and absolutely gorgeous too! :) xx


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