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Saturday, 29 August 2009


Ihave had a tough month this month. Huge family problems have prevented me from much crafting, or indeed, even being on the computer. I have made no ATCs at all & only 4 cards. Im quite upset really but family is most important & things need sorting out, so please bear with me, please keep visiting & keep the comments coming, they are the only thing that makes things worthwhile.

hugsa to you all.


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  1. Hello, Caro, I'm so sorry that your month has been so tough for you. Hang in there girl. Don't loose sight of the fact that their problems are theirs and yours are yours. You can't take on the burdens of everyone, but you can support them. There is a difference. Try to distance yourself a little and look after number one. YOUR health is more important, without you fit and able to help you just add to their worries.

    I'm sending you huggs and hope next month is better than the last.



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