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Friday, 10 April 2009

Family photos


  1. Hi caroline... I cannot see it. I think something must be wrong with my flash for some reason.
    Blogs coming along lovely.

    If you get a chance pop over and look at my very 1st Tilda Card :-)

    What are you upto today hun?


  2. never mind Lisa,

    someone might be ablt to see them soon.


  3. Hi ya hunny, thanks for email....YOU have mail too!
    Have a wonderful day my friend.
    Luv n Hugs.

  4. Hi,

    Flippin heck! you have really got a great blog so quickly (you will have to tell me how you put a slide show in the main body of your blog) will have to try that one! You seem to have a good knowledge and cracking along nicely.

    Thank you for entering for my Candy! hope to see you again soon.

    Love Dawn xx


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